We advise vendor neutral, preferably based on open source. Our core competence lies in the planning and engineering of automation systems, cyber security, performance monitoring, data recording and archiving, network technology and system analysis. We also have many years of experience in the vertical integration of automation systems.

In addition, we have specialized in the following areas:

Open Source Licensing

If you profit from the use of open source components, you have to adhere to the licensing conditions of the "free world" on the other side. For the user of hardware and / or software systems that contain open source components, there are a whole series of rights to manufacturers and suppliers. Conversely, manufacturers and suppliers should know their obligations, as non-compliance with the open source licensing terms will quickly result in copyright infringement, which can lead to both negative financial consequences in the form of compensation payments and the disclosure of their own hardware and software parts. Since there are a number of different open source licenses (GPL, LGPL, MIT, Apache ...) and open source components are often also under hybrid licenses, it is not always easy to keep track and meet the legal requirements. We gladly support you.

Are you a user of systems with open source components? You would like to know which parts of the system are subject to disclosure and which parts of the source code you are entitled to? We advise and carry out expertises.

Are you a manufacturer or supplier of systems that contain open source components? We advise you regarding the duties to be performed.

Data Protection

Which changes arise for you from the European data protection basic regulation (DS-GVO) or the new version of the german data protection law? What do privacy and cyber security have to do with each other? Where are synergies?

Please contact us if you have any questions. We gladly support you.