Cyber Security - The modular Principle

The aim of our cyber security solution is to separate automation systems from the corporate network in such a way that unintentional manipulation of the automation system is reliably prevented. In order to achieve this goal and still permit targeted communication between the levels, the necessary principles are defined within our concept. Alone through the use of components, such as a firewall, the security of a system can not be established. Only the complete implementation of the regulations listed in the context of our concept in connection with the necessary hard- and software components results in a complete solution according to the state of the art!

Cyber Security Appliance

As a future-oriented alternative to the hardware solution with numerous components, the Cyber Security Appliance offers a virtualized open source solution for the complete DMZ, including virtualized firewalls.

Cyber Security Kit

Whether hardware or virtualized solution, our concept offers state-of-the-art security for database access, OPC connections, file transfer, access to user interfaces of automation components (HMI, system maintenance) and much more. For this we use preconfigured and hardened components which result in a cyber security kit. From this kit complex solutions can be easily built. The components of the kit are:

We prefer to use open source products in cyber security, but we also have years of experience with solutions based on CISCO or Juniper.

More detailed information on the cyber security concept can be found in our guide Secure Connections to Control and DCS Systems.

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