Welcome to the Engineering Office Schüppen

Nice that you visit our website!

For all those who do not know us, we would like to give an overview of our competencies and the services we offer.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are happy to assist you in all automation tasks. We are specialized in the topics of planning and engineering of automation systems, cyber security, performance monitoring, data recording and archiving, network technology and system analysis. We also offer concepts and solutions for the vertical integration of your automation systems.

We support in the planning and implementation phase and accompany you during the life time of your systems with help and advice. Problem analysis and troubleshooting in complex systems is one of our specialties, such as the development and implementation of predictive maintenance concepts. For this we have developed or further developed a number of software tools.

In our solutions, we prefer to rely on open source systems and components, because through years of experience we are convinced that they are superior in all respects compared to
proprietary systems .

We are happy to face your tasks and challenges.

Contact Mail to info@ing-b-s.de

What do the steelworks shown below, the training model and the building have to do with each other?


They were automated with the free process control system ProviewR!