System and Performance Monitoring

Consistent infrastructure monitoring can replace today's standard models of reactive and preventive maintenance with predictive or condition-based maintenance. This can save the unplanned downtime costs of the reactive as well as the "unnecessary" costs of preventive maintenance. Network switches, vital nodes in the flow of information whose failures repeatedly lead to complete plant shutdowns, do not crash suddenly in 90% of cases, but herald this by increasing error rates on the channels. The permanent detection and evaluation of these error counters - e.g. with Nagios - allows the targeted replacement of these important components and leads to a safer operation, since the "state" of the system components is always "known".

We create monitoring concepts and implement solutions, preferably based on the open source solution Nagios. Where necessary, we create Nagios plugins to make your systems accessible for monitoring, or to form meaningful metrics and limits.

"Find system irregularities before they cause a malfunction."