The automation of facilities and systems in the areas of manufacturing and process industry as well as building automation based on the open source control system ProviewR is our passion. We are convinced that our overall solution, which is based almost exclusively on open source components of the areas shown on the left, is superior to today's proprietary systems in almost all respects and is clearly more future-proof - today you say more sustainable.

Let us convince you!

Here are some of the most important features of the open source software ProviewR:

Further details on the ProviewR system can be found in our brochure Open Source Control System ProviewR or on the homepage of the project at

For automation projects with a volume of more than € 200,000, the illustrated advantages result in savings of between 30% and 50%. It has not yet been taken into account that the object orientation of ProviewR can also result in great savings in terms of engineering.

Although these numbers are already very impressive, there are a number of other reasons that can be seen only at second glance, but still expect significantly greater savings over proprietary solutions over the entire life cycle of a plant. Please read our paper New approach to automation in manufacturing and process industries.

Open Source Automation Kit

To further increase the added value, we have developed an Open Source Automation Kit from which state-of-the-art systems can be built up in a very short time according to the architecture presented above. In addition to the components of the Cyber Security Construction Kit, the Open Source Automation Kit also includes the components:

Whether hardware or virtual system, on the basis of the sketched concept we develop the suitable automation solution for your systems and facilities!

What do the steelworks shown below, the training model and the building have to do with each other?


They were automated with the free process control system ProviewR!